The History
of Craig & Wheeler

Auburn Wheeler and David Craig decided to pursue a career in real estate, so they took the necessary courses and put their license with a local firm in Shelbyville. As time past, they realized that the two of them were making up a large percentage of the business that was coming through the office.

Auburn and David were raised on their family farms. Auburn grew up in the community of Pleasant Grove in Bedford County.

David was raised in the community of Belfast in Marshall County. From that raising came two humble men that realized the needs of the citizens of this rural Shelbyville community in the early nineteen seventy’s.

They proved to themselves that they could meet the real estate needs of the community by the cliental they had built in a very short time. It was time that they “Took the Big Step”. They opened their own company in 1973 and immediately started building something that they hoped would last for a long time, and it has.

The company turned more into a family business with David’s wife, Belinda Wheeler Craig, joining the firm. Shortly thereafter, Auburn’s other son-in-law, Alan Gill, joined. Auburn, Alan and David decided to pursue their talents in the auctioneering aspect of the real estate business and the company added that to their title. After one summer night at an ice cream supper for a community club Auburn, only a Realtor at the time, was asked to auction a variety of desserts from fried pies, carrot cakes to pecan pies. Auburn gladly said, “yes”. At that moment he realized that all eyes would be on him. His knees became weak and began to tremble all over. “How can I get in front of eighty to ninety people and try to auction?,” thought Auburn. At once he knew what he had to do, leave! He and his wife left quickly. On the drive home, his wife asked why they left in such a hurry. Auburn explained and his wife immediately told him to turn around and go back to the ice cream supper and fulfill your obligation to auction the items. Reluctantly, Auburn turned around and went to auction off those first items of his long auction career.

At the time he didn’t realize auctioneering would change his life forever. That night not only changed his life, but also his families. The company expanded the family business. David and Alan followed suit and obtained their auctioneer status as well as David becoming a partner. They proved to themselves that they could meet the auction needs of the community.

The rest is history – the company has grown and the exceptional quality of service and family atmosphere has remained the same since the beginning. When you are looking to take those “Big Steps” in life, remember that Craig & Wheeler Realty and Auction, LLC is here to help you every “step” of the way. A lot has changed since 1973 but the integrity, commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative spirit have guided us for three generations. Experience Matters! Whether buying or selling, go with a company with the same name since 1973. Craig & Wheeler thanks you for visiting our website. If there is any way we can assist you with your real estate or auction needs, please contact us.