Is it Time to Purchase a Home?

The satisfaction and experience of buying a home is truly a dream. However, you need to be confident financially and prepared for all the responsibilities that come with home ownership. Many people continue renting year after year not knowing how homeownership can benefit them much more. This true American independence allows you the ability to choose anything like wall color and light fixtures. You must be very disciplined to own as the responsibilities of home maintenance, property taxes and a mortgage are all part of the dream. Anyone prepared to buy must be prepared financially.

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Expectations for Future Homeowners

Is it time?

Homeownership is a big step and you want to make sure you have taken all the right steps to make sure now is the time for you. Know your financial situation. Owning your own home comes with much responsibility of upkeep and ongoing maintenance. However, many benefits of making a house become your home far out ways.

What is your limit?

Meet with a mortgage lender to determine how much you are preapproved. Doing this on the front end allows you to search in a more direct way and save time looking at homes in your price range.

What is your credit rating?

Your lender will need to pull your credit history. The higher the score the better your credit is. Having good credit allows you to get through the lending process with ease. Your debt to income ratio is important.

What do you prefer?

Do you want a brick house or farm house, one story or two, located in the country or subdivision, on a small lot or with acreage….the list goes on and on. Take time to decide what is important to you. Make your list!

We Are Here for YOU

You need a knowledgeable agent who will represent you to the fullest. Our real estate team is dedicated to helping you find the right home, at the best price.

We will work closely with you making sure you are preapproved first. Then we start the process of searching the market for what meets your criteria. Many homes can be viewed online first to see if they meet your needs. Next, we set up showings to those homes highest on your list. Our job is to make this process smooth.

Keep your priority list in mind during showings. One can get caught up in the moment and veer from what they truly want. It’s always good to be flexible. However, remember what you really want in this lifelong purchase.

Submit an offer.  Your agent should cover all basis in your contractual offer. Know the seller can always counter that offer. Once the contract is accepted then the lender is notified to get the lending process going. If it is a cash offer then the closing attorney will get to work.

Taking care of all paperwork & inspections will follow after the deal is accepted. Inspectors will be notified and they will send all reports on to the agent or closing attorney. As long as all are in good standing then the deal continues to get closer to closing date.

Do a final walkthrough before closing the deal to insure all is as you would like before signing the papers.

We are here to make this process smooth from the beginning to end. Feel free to always ask questions. We want you comfortable and confident in the purchase of a home.

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