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Auction Type: Absolute Auction

Location: Wiseman Park Road, Lynchburg, TN(Get Directions)

Owner: Randy Piper

Directions: FROM LYNCHBURG SQUARE: On Main St, take South Mechanic Street. Bear right into Wiseman Park. Moorehead Pavillion will be on your left! LOOK FOR SIGNS

Come join us for a truly amazing auction! This one of a kind collection includes many rare and unique pieces! The guns are in pristine shape!

GUNS sell at 11:00am

Vehicles sell at NOON!






available items


  • Jack Daniel 1/2 gallon pre-prohibition original crock
  • Jack Daniel solid gold service pendant
  • Jack Daniel 5 year lapel pin 10k
  • Jack Daniel 14k gold service ring
  • Gunters Landing whiskey pre-prohibition shot glass
  • 3 Blade Whittler knife Hen and Rooster, Bretram, Germany
  • WT & C. Gunter pre-prohibition corkscrew, Evansville, IN
  • Jack Daniel pig shot glass
  • 1949 Lem Motlow 4/5 quart bottle
  • Jack Daniel ice pick and stand
  • Jack Daniel 7 gold sales service ring size 10 1/2
  • Employee awards picnic set
  • Jack Daniel clock pocket watch style
  • Jack Daniel horse feed posters
  • Jack Daniel metal beer signs
  • Jack Daniel Nascar sign
  • Jack Daniel battery regulator clock
  • Jack Daniel Gold Medal No. 7 box and bottle signed by Frank Bobo
  • 1979 Mummy bottle Belle of Lincoln
  • Jack Daniel glass tumbler prototype set
  • Assorted label stamps - Original signed checks - 1935 Lem Motlow, 1923 initialed by Lem Motlow, 1919 signed checks
  • 2002, 2004 Hat show print, 2011, 2016, 2017 BBQ posters
  • 2004 Statue of Jack Daniel
  • 1998 Jack Daniel ice bucket - employee award
  • 1978 Green label transition 1/2 gallon signed Frank Bobo
  • Jack Daniel hard cola lighted sign
  • #7 Montana silversmith earrings, necklace, bracelet exclusive for Lynchburg, TN
  • 71 Maxwell House - double stamped box & bottle Frank Bobo
  • 1972 Centennial rare version - 6 glasses
  • 1967 Set of 6 squire glasses never opened (deceased squire)
  • 2 Piece box 1972 holds 10 1/10 pint bottles 90 proof
  • 2005 1/64 Jack Daniel FD E one ladder #1848 of 10,000 pcs. produced
  • Coca-Cola handmade sign
  • Jack Daniel beer salesman sample kit (includes summer brew)
  • Jack Daniel backpack
  • Original Hard Cola advertising sign
  • Plaster Jack Daniel statue 3 ft. tall
  • Old poster movie advertisements 1940 1941
  • JT Carothers pure Lincoln Co. whiskey scratch crock (no handle)
  • 1970s Jack Daniel original poker set, clay chips, cards never opened
  • Jack Daniel black label bar pool acrylic
  • Life size Jack Daniel Jimmy Bedford Ad.
  • Jack Daniel spring water plastic
  • 1982 Jack Daniel spring water glass bottle
  • Jack Daniel holiday tradition sign
  • Jack Daniel statue display
  • Jack Daniel Lynchburg lemonade display
  • Jack Daniel Jack & Coke display
  • Assorted Jack Daniel old photos - statue, carved by Joe Clark
  • Frontier Saloon original photos
  • Dan Quest print
  • Merchandise original display artwork prototype
  • Lynchburg soda shop sample logo options arkwork
  • Jack Daniel horse feed ad and bag of horse feed display
  • Promotional items and drawings
  • Assortment of posters, boxes, labels
  • Jack Daniel Dave Blaney signed racecar ad
  • 146th Birthday hat show poster
  • 2006 Grand reopening hardware store
  • Frontier Days poster
  • Set of 6 reproduction labels unopened
  • Jack Daniel display
  • Jack Daniel patio umbrella TN Honey new
  • Jack Daniel sidewalk display
  • Barrel wall bar
  • Jack Daniel barrel stay
  • 1995 Jack Daniel 1/2 gallon display bottle, fake seal, non-alcoholic
  • Jack Daniel Birdswing bottle perfect condition one quart
  • 1895 Original 1 quart bottle
  • 90 Proof black label pourer 2
  • Jack Daniel dominos
  • Old Cascade cylinder bottle top cut off
  • 2005 Jack Daniel Zippo lighter with seal
  • Jack Daniel unpainted beer glass rare
  • Jack Daniel souvenir spoon
  • Gunters Landing whiskey shot glass
  • Wooden prototype Jack Daniel bottle Joe Fanning signed
  • Lynchburg Hardware signed by check Conner Motlow, Reagor Motlow
  • Standard Oil Company initialed by Lem Motlow
  • 1964 4-Eggshell shot glasses
  • 1971 Gold Medal bottle silver writing Frank Bobo bottle & box signed
  • No. 7 original Jack Daniel bottle with metal top dug out of warehouse, seamed & air bubbles in glass
  • Pint Lincoln Co. Jack Daniel bottle Hopkinsville
  • Jack Daniel No. 7 C.C. Baxter Huntsville, AL bottle
  • No. 7 Lincoln County whiskey cylinder bottle
  • Jack Daniel original cylinder label bottle WT & CD Gunter, Nashville, TN
  • Original Gentleman Jack prototype bottle
  • Original Western Union telegram tax bill 1915
  • Original Letter to Jack Daniel Distillery Birmingham to St. Louis Sept. 13, 1915
  • Jack Daniel Titans football logo lighted sign
  • Jack Daniel Predators logo lighted sign
  • ATM machine
  • Jack Daniel barrels including Gentleman Jack barrel
  • Jack Daniel decanter set with glasses
  • Gibbs Bros. Cooperage Co. Jack Daniel wood barrel
  • Jack Daniel brewery aluminum keg


  • 73 Winchester .32 WCF #407554B
  • 73 Winchester .32 #207718B
  • Stevens Marksmen .22 LR single shot #I673
  • Winchester Mod 1894 24-35 WCF w. saddle ring
  • Winchester Mod 94 1873 .32 WCF
  • Winchester Mod 94 .32 WIN SPL
  • Marlin Mod 38 22 S, L, LR #A2204
  • 1903 Winchester 22 automatic SN 17474
  • Mossburg 22 long rifle 151M-B 3x9 scope
  • Colt 22 mag revolver with wood grips SN 116583F
  • Colt model 1911 automatic pistol US issue May, 1914 9N 84101 1st issue to US Marine Corp.
  • Ruger .357 mag Blackhawk 3 screw SN 91668
  • Ruger 22 mag single 6 interchangeable 3 screw
  • Smith and Wesson 41 mag. SN S250654 model 57
  • Ruger Redhawk 41 mag SN 503-88449
  • Remington 22 long rifle Black Diamond nylon 66 SN A228768
  • Marlin mod. 336W 30/30 Win with Bushnell 45 scope
  • Weatherby Van Guard 6.5-300 mag with Steiner T5XI-5-25/26 mm fluted barrel
  • Springfield .45 XD Semi Auto w/mags, case #MG655683


  • 2012 Harley Davidson slate black CV0 Streetlide Screaming Eagle 3000 miles
  • 20 Foot Featherlite diamond plate floor new tires
  • Cooper stove hood lights, motor 54
  • 2000 Chevrolet 3500 work truck, 1 ton
  • 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty 4x4 extended cab 219,845 miles Triton V10 Moto tires, gooseneck hitch

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